We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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A coworker recommended Douglas Quick and his team to me, and I have to say I have been really impressed. I had the pleasure of working with Loyd Trimmer, who was incredibly communicative, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. He helped me navigate my options and complete all necessary documents throughout the process. As a first time home buyer, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the steps in applying for a loan, but Loyd definitely made it feel easier.


Douglas Quick and his team at Pinnacle Funding are more than just a "lender". Douglas is a trusted advisor, friend, and miracle worker in some cases! As a realtor, I always recommend that my clients shop their loan as diligently as they shop for their home. Douglas has helped many of my clients through what could have been a very difficult process and they trust him as much as I do! He is always responsive with updates to clients and agents and never fails to go above and beyond for every client that has used him, and he does not miss deadlines! He is also always available when you call or text him.
I have a wonderful example that I use when telling clients about his services....my son and daughter in-law have bought 3 homes. They were going to use another lender. I mentioned that they may want to shop the rates and fees just a little before settling on a particular lender. I gave them several lenders to chose from. They called Douglas and the rest is history. He has financed all 3 of their homes and saved them money on each loan!
Trusted, friendly, confident in the products he offers, and always there when you need him! Douglas and Pinnacle Funding are the best!

Lisa Rosenbaum

If you are looking to get a loan to buy a house Pinnacle Funding is the way to go, they are amazing! very hard working people I could not thank them enough Mrs. Susan is extremely knowledgeable and very effective at what she does, if we ever need another loan Pinnacle Funding would be our answer they made us feel like family and that’s is why we give them the highest rating available we are extremely happy with them.

Salvador Vargas


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